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As part of EUbOPEN project, the Diamond Light Source XChem facility is offering the opportunity to partner suitable external XChem projects of human targets with the EUbOPEN consortium. Successful projects will work in collaboration to progress XChem hits into successful chemistry campaigns and deliver high quality chemical probes. Partnership projects with EUbOPEN should be aligned with the goals of EUbOPEN (see the About page for more information). Outputs of partnerships with EUbOPEN will feed into the effort to generate selective chemical modulators for the entire druggable genome by the year 2035 (see the Target2035 initiative, www.target2035.net). Your project would become a part of this ambitious goal. 

To be part of this exciting endeavor, simply check the “EUbOPEN Collaboration” box when completing the XChem Application Form. Your project will then be assessed by the EUbOPEN team for suitability.

Why should I apply to collaborate with EUbOPEN? 
In addition to offering the opportunity to work with global experts to translate fragment screening results to medicinal chemistry campaigns, EUbOPEN can help generate bespoke data sets which complement fragment screens; including protein crystallisation methods, assay development and more. If selected, you'll become a part of a global network of collaborators, and contribute to the goals of delivering a probe for every protein. 

How do I collaborate with EUbOPEN? 
Step 1. Apply to Diamond for access to XChem (XChem website). 
Step 2. Once your access is approved, formalise your interest through the sample registration form that kicks off the planning of the experiment itself. 

Projects will be evaluated by a Diamond Peer Review Panel (PRP) for suitability. If accepted, XChem screening proceeds. Separately, the project is reviewed by the EUbOPEN PRP. All co-structures worked on collaboratively will have to be deposited the latest after 24 months or upon probe declaration. For more information regarding EUbOPEN partnership please follow the link https://www.eubopen.org/eubopen-project or contact us

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Diamond has two main Calls for Proposals each year. The deadline for these calls is 1700hrs on the first Wednesday in April and October. Deadlines may be adjusted due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

More information on the XChem Platform at Diamond Light Source

The XChem platform at Diamond Light Source was co-developed with SGC/ CMD Oxford and offers a highly streamlined and optimized environment for crystallographic fragment screening. It enables execution of an entire screening campaign of 1000 compounds within two weeks. This includes all steps from crystal preparation, automated data collection and data processing and analysis. Additionally, the facility offers free access to multiple fragment libraries (https://www.diamond.ac.uk/Instruments/Mx/Fragment-Screening.html), and users are also welcomed to bring their own.  The primary library is DSIpoised which was designed to specifically enable rapid follow-up chemistry via robust chemical reactions. The XChem is a world-class facility successfully seeding over 30 academic and industrial drug discovery experiments annually.