Chemical probes

Chemical probes are cell-active, selective, highly validated research tools that can be used to decipher the biology of their target. They are useful assets for example, in phenotypic assays, or as a starting point for medicinal chemistry campaigns. Chemical probes developed by the EUbOPEN consortium are peer reviewed by an external committee and available upon request. The probes are released with a structurally similar inactive negative control compound (where feasible) and fulfill the following criteria:

Potency ≤ 100 nM in a biochemical or biophysical assay

≥ 30-fold over related proteins

Evidence of target engagement in cells ≤ 1 µM for the druggable target or 10 µM for shallow PPI targets
Cytotoxicity ≥ 10 µM, unless target mediated

For more information, or to request a probe, click on the probe link below.


Probe name Target Negative control Web link Probe package
8RK64 UCHL1 JYQ88 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_8RK64_v1_0.pdf997.61 KB
GSK973 BRD2, BDR3, BRD4, BRDT GSK943 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_GSK973_v1_0.pdf928.71 KB
WM-119 KAT6A and KAT6B WM-2474 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_WM1119_v1.pdf899.41 KB
TP-030-2 RIPK1 TP-030n EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_TP_030_2_v1_0.pdf885.28 KB
PFI-6 MLLT1/3 PFI-6N EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_PFI6_v1.pdf893.28 KB
TP-030-1 RIPK1 TP-030n EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_TP_030_1_v1_0.pdf884.13 KB
SR-302 DDR1/2, MAPK11/14 SR-301 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_SR_302_v1_0.pdf896.13 KB
GSK046 BD2, BD3, BD4, BDT GSK943 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_GSK046_v1_0.pdf889.88 KB
BAY-069 BCAT1/2 BAY-771 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_BAY_069_v1_0.pdf891.26 KB
(R)-ZINC-3573 MRGPRX2 (S)-ZINC-3573 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_R_ZINC3573_v1_0.pdf874.72 KB
Ogerin GPR68 ZINC32547799 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_Ogerin_v1_0.pdf885.04 KB
GSK789 BRD2, BRD3, BRD4, BRDT N/A EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_GSK789_v1_0.pdf897.1 KB
GSK778 BRD2, BRD3, BRD4, BRDT N/A EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_GSK778_v1_0.pdf891.92 KB
GSK620 BRD2, BRD3, BRD4, BRDT N/A EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_GSK620_v1_0.pdf901.08 KB
NR162 CASK NR187 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_CASK_v1_0.pdf867.59 KB
BAY-6672 PTGFR BAY-403 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_BAY_6672_v1_0.pdf882.23 KB
BAY-3153 CCR1 BAY-173 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_BAY_3153_v1_0.pdf879.16 KB
BAY-390 TRPA1 (transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily A member 1; ANKTM1) BAY-9897 EUbOPEN_ProbeSheet_BAY_390_v1_0.pdf883.88 KB