EUbOPEN diagram

The EUbOPEN consortium is an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funded project to enable and unlock biology in the open. The project has 22 partners from academia and industry (see below). EUbOPEN will run for five years and will have a total budget of 65.8 million euros covered by a grant from the IMI and cash and in-kind contributions from the EFPIA companies, IMI Associated Partners and non-EU partners.

Our Objectives

  • Assemble an open access chemogenomic library comprising about 5,000 well annotated compounds covering roughly 1,000 different proteins
  • Synthesize at least 100 high-quality, open-access chemical probes
  • Establish infrastructure to generate and characterise probes and chemogenomic compounds
  • Develop and implement advanced technologies and methods for all relevant platforms
  • Disseminate reliable protocols for at least 20 primary patient cell-based assays
  • Establish infrastructure, platforms and governance to seed a global effort on addressing the entire druggable genome

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