Tissue Assays

Within EUbOPEN, our aim is to develop open access cell assay protocols and data from well-characterised human disease tissue and blood-derived assays to profile chemical probes and chemogenomic libraries, guiding identification of biomarkers and novel targets to drive drug discovery. To this end we develop human tissue and blood-derived assays within areas of high medical need in inflammatory diseases, fibrosis, oncology and neurodegenerative diseases. The current network of collaborations consists of hospitals, research institutes and universities in Toronto and Montreal (Canada), Frankfurt (Germany) and Stockholm (Sweden).

EUbOPEN Tissue Assay data sets:

Hepatotoxicity screening in primary human hepatocyte spheroid cultures

Viability screening in matched tumor and normal organoids from colorectal cancer patients

Therapy re-sensitization of drug resistant organoids

Toxicity screen in isolated B cell assay

Cytokine secretion screen in isolated B cell assay

NASH model to assess anti-steatotic effects of chemical probes

NASH model to assess anti-fibrotic effects of chemical probes

NASH model to assess anti-inflammatory effects of chemical probes

Targeting of CAF-induced therapy resistance in CRC organoid-stroma co-cultures

Identification of compartment-specific drug sensitivities in CRC organoid-stroma co-cultures