Target 2035 webinar: Improving best practice selection and use of chemical probes


Target 2035 webinar

Improving best practice selection and use of chemical probes

Chemical probes have become increasingly important in biomedical research, but their impact depends on the experimental design. Recently, Lenka Munoz and colleagues conducted a systematic review of publications using eight well-characterized chemical probes. Their analysis revealed that only 4% of the 662 publications analysed used chemical probes in accordance with recommended best practices. This webinar aims to raise awareness of the alarming lack of best practices with chemical probes and to discuss potential solutions to improve their use in biomedical research. Join the webinar and learn more from Paul Workman, Lenka Munoz, Guillaume Lessene and Felipe Ossa Associate Editor at Nature Communications.

Watch the recorded webinar.

Hosted by Paul Workman (Institute of Cancer Research)
Speakers: Lenka Munoz (University of Sydney)
Expert panel: Guillaume Lessene (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute), Felipe Ossa (Nature Communications Editorial Office) 
Wednesday 7 June 2023 at 8 am BST / 9 am CEST / 4 pm JST / 5 pm AEST

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