New Partnership - Rosalind Franklin Institute

The University of Oxford team has formed a partnership with the Next Generation Chemistry unit of the Rosalind Franklin Institute (RFI) which will develop new chemistry methods and high-throughput approaches for expanding fragment hits. The RFI is a new national research institute in the UK which is dedicated to transforming life science through interdisciplinary research and technology development. The EUbOPEN project at the RFI will be part of work package 8 and focus specifically on improving our ability to rapidly iterate the discovery of structure-activity relationships starting from fragment hits as well as enabling fragment growth along new vectors, for example from carbon atoms. Lead scientist, Prof. Adam Nelson, Head of High-Throughput Molecular Discovery at the RFI, commented “The EUbOPEN project provides a really exciting opportunity apply our new approaches in live projects that are focused on discovering high-quality chemical probes”.

 More information on the Rosalind Franklin Institute can be found here:

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